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Why choose a Fantasia Ceiling fan

Fantasia's range of ceiling fans are made to the highest specifications. Their motors are larger than the average ceiling fans & are made of Silicon Steel as opposed to the usual mild steel, resulting in reduced noise & quieter operation.

Their Bearings are double sealed, when most other fans are single or non-sealed which provides a smooth rotation thus a longer life. A dual capacitor in the speed control means it is far less likely to short circuit & the motor housing is double lacquered (thicker plating) resulting in no tarnishing & less maintenance. Every ceiling fan also comes complete with a 10 year warranty

Fantasia ceiling fans operate on 230 volt / 50 cycle electricity supply & the power rating of the fan motors range from 60 - 75watts with 3 forward & 3 reverse speeds. Fantasia's range of fans are not only effective in the summer for cooling, but also in the winter to re-circulate warm air trapped at ceiling level.

The running costs of a Fantasia ceiling fan is approximately 5p for 8 hours at high speed which is less than running a 100W light bulb.

Fantasia also offer a large selection of additions for your ceiling fan. Should you require to drop your fan, we provide a wide range of drop-rods and conversion kits & we also stock light kits, Remote controls and wall controls. Fantasia can cater for all your Ceiling Fan requirements.

At Lightahome we believe in only stocking the best items. Thats why we are more than happy to offer only Fantasia products. So you can be assured of buying quality goods.



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